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Charged and connected through the day

Carbon-Ion technology allows you to charge your mobile quickly, time after time after time.

Safe to travel

Go faster, go further

The Zap&Go 5-Minute Charger will charge three mobile devices simultaneously with 2x standard USB ports and a Qi wireless charging pad.

Our goal is to capture and store 1,500 mAh (milli-Amp hours) in 5 minutes, enough to take an iPhone 5 battery from empty to 100%, and an iPhone 6 to 75%. Continue charging for another 5 minutes and you have another 1,500 mAh.

The phone itself charges no faster, as this would be unsafe. It’s the Zap&Go that’s fast: 5 minutes of power provides over 2 hours of on-the-go charge time.


Tech specs

The 5-minute charger

The Zap&Go 5-minute charger is the only charger you will ever need. It contains no lithium, is safe in your hand luggage and easily readily recycled.


Fast, safe, reliable

Lithium-ion batteries are the incumbent technology across a range of different products from mobile phones, tablets and notebooks to cordless power tools, cordless cleaners, hoverboards, e-bikes and electric vehicles. Zap&Go has a platform technology that can provide significant advantages over lithium-ion in each of these sectors.


Zap&Go 5-minute charger

Charge faster, Go further

The Zap&Go 5-minute charger is the first charger for smart phones and tablets to be made entirely with Carbon-Ion cells. It charges quickly, so you can get on with your life.


Zap: just plug-in and in 5 minutes the Zap&Go is fully charged. The charger display will illuminate as the Zap&Go quickly charges. You will hear a buzz when the Zap&Go is fully charged, you can now un-plug, Go: carry your charge with you.

Your device is protected

Of course your phone, tablet, headphones or eBook reader will charge in the same time that they always do, because inside it contains lithium batteries. Your devices are recharged normally through a regular charging port and cable, so they are not harmed in any way.

Three devices at once

Zap&Go allows you to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, two using the twin USB ports and the third using the Qi wireless charging disc.

Saves clutter

Zap&Go is the only charger you will ever need.

Most powerbank chargers are based on the same slow charging lithium batteries that are inside your phone. They charge slowly. Some of those larger battery banks can take 7 - 8 hours to recharge. If the Zap&Go runs out of charge, just find 5 minutes and you can fully recharge it again.


Usage life

Zap&Go technology is designed with safety and recyclability in mind and is good for around 100,000 charges. None of those memory effects from batteries.

The perfect solution

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